Community Revitalized in Delaware

In Wilmington, Delaware, the REACH Riverside Development Corporation was formed in 2017 to remove the barriers to prosperity and well-being facing Wilmington’s Riverside neighborhood, a community experiencing the devastating impacts of decades of racial discrimination and disinvestment. REACH is the managing partner of The WRK Group, a group of three nonprofits – REACH Riverside, Kingswood Community Center and The Warehouse, all focused on their three pillars: redevelopment, education and community health.

When The Curtis Group began working with this newly formed organization, it had an incredibly compelling mission with the credibility of a national model and a dynamic leader. However, with limited history in fundraising and a complex project scope, their team needed the expert guidance of our experienced team.


Community Goals

Together, we codified their messaging and strengthened their infrastructure, building a major-gift fundraising program, creating a development team, implementing a donor database, conducting wealth screening and establishing development plans and policies.

Simultaneously, we launched a multi-faceted awareness campaign focusing on building relationships and securing support from government entities, individuals, corporations and foundations. While raising awareness with potential funders, REACH also worked to create strong community support with a resident advocacy group to ensure that often under-represented individuals were heard.

“When we began our work with The Curtis Group, REACH was a new organization with a bold vision. The Curtis Group kept our staff focused on fundraising and best practices, motivated our volunteers and helped us see our true organizational potential. What started as a bold vision is now coming to life as we work to transform Delaware’s Riverside community.”

Logan S. Herring, Sr. Chief Executive Officer

Community Redefined

Through dedication and hard work, REACH’s goals progressed from vision to reality. By raising awareness and following fundraising best practices, REACH successfully secured $239 million for their 14-year project. They have dispersed these funds into the Delaware community: constructing the first 141 mixed income housing units; creating and launching The Teen Warehouse, which serves over 200 teens annually with workforce development and enrichment programs; and enhancing the Kingswood Community Center, doubling those served through Early Learning Academy, and other youth, family and senior programs. They were even able to step up during the Covid-19 pandemic and Hurricane Ida flooding, delivering vital relief efforts for the entire community.

We are honored and proud to have helped REACH create the framework and raise the funds for this critical work.