Let us conduct your campaign planning study.


The Ask” is a term frequently used in the fundraising business. Ideally, it’s the culmination of detailed planning and preparation at the point where you present your case and your request to your target audience: the potential donor.

But well before getting to “The Ask,” The Curtis Group conducts a comprehensive campaign planning study. In this study, also known as a feasibility study, we conduct dozens of confidential, one-on-one interviews with volunteers, select staff members, and key donors and philanthropic leaders, including corporate and charitable foundation representatives. We determine the appropriate message, leadership, structure and timing of your campaign along with potential challenges.

And, most importantly, we estimate just how much money “The Ask” could realistically generate if the fundraising campaign is properly planned and executed. This estimate is based on several factors, including the strengths of your organization, the perception of need in the community, and the level of investment by your prospective donors.

Our campaign planning study is vital research as it provides the blueprint for your entire fundraising campaign and a preliminary measure of its potential for success.