Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

To sum it up in one word: transformational. With The Curtis Group’s help over the past eight months we’ve strengthened our organization in countless ways. We have seen growth in our annual fund, heightened board member involvement, and a deepened the focus on our donors and the impact of their investments. Together, partnered with The Curtis Group, we didn’t climb the mountain, we MOVED it!”

Cynthia Whitbred-Spanoulis, President & CEO

REACH Riverside

“When we began our work with The Curtis Group, REACH was a new organization with a bold vision. The Curtis Group kept our staff focused on fundraising and best practices, motivated our volunteers, and helped us see our true organizational potential. What started as a bold vision is now coming to life as we work to transform Delaware’s Riverside community.”

Logan S. Herring, Sr., Chief Executive Officer

United Way of South Hampton Roads

Their $40 million campaign was the largest campaign in the history of the organization.

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Piedmont Virginia Community College

Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) has successfully completed its largest and most ambitious fund raising campaign in the 50 year history of the college. We exceeded our campaign goal by almost 50%.We could not have achieved this success without the assistance of the Curtis Group. They provided the leadership, guidance and organization that enabled our previously inexperienced Development team to be so successful. Based on the PVCC experience , I strongly recommend the Curtis Group.”

Frank Friedman, President

Cohen Veterans Network

I have been extremely impressed by The Curtis Group, which has partnered with Cohen Veterans Network, along with our network of Partner Organizations and Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics. Without question, I would recommend them to any organization. They are dedicated to the project and provide the highest quality service. Beyond strategic direction, The Curtis Group are outstanding partners and have been instrumental in helping create success.”

Carl Marucci, Senior Vice President

Maryland Center for History and Culture

In the end, our team helped them not only meet their goal, but also surpass it, raising $13 million. Find out how...

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Old Dominion University

The Curtis Group provided us with inspiration and solid guidance in both a professional and collegial way. They helped us capitalize on our opportunities and took the necessary time to recognize what makes ODU unique.”

John Broderick, President Emeritus and Distinguished Lecturer of Higher Education

New Creation Virginia

It has been mission changing. Working with The Curtis Group on our planning study and campaign built our confidence and the confidence of our donors that we were going after something attainable because we had a blueprint and a guide.”

Sabrina Dorman-Andrew, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Nansemond-Suffolk Academy

NSA had a high bar to maintain when they set their sights on opening a second campus, while

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