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This is a defining moment for your organization.


You might feel overwhelmed by increased demand and wondering how to communicate your needs, unsure who and how to ask for support, unclear how to motivate your team to be productive while working remotely, or uncertain how to prepare your organization to emerge from this time positioned for success and growth.

What we know from past experience is that now is not the time to wait for things to change. Now is the time to assess and take action. Now is the time to leverage our 31 years of experience through past recessions and times of crisis and uncertainty.

Using video conferencing and other technology, our Crisis Coaching will counsel you and your team on what you should be focused on right now. We will start by entering the trenches with you to understand your organization and your needs. We will conduct wealth screening on your donor database and review key donor reports to help you understand where you should be focusing your time.

With this information and our years of experience, we will help you build your COVID case for support. With your case, we will help you create an action plan and calendar including input on crisis-related appeal letters and donor correspondence. This plan will address important questions such as:

  • What could and should my board and volunteers be doing to help us right now?
  • How can I have transparent conversations with my donors?
  • How can I customize my appeal letters to effectively share my current needs?
  • How can I best use my team while they work remotely?

Through ongoing coaching and teamwork, you will not only survive this but position your organization to learn and grow from these challenges. Please reach out to discuss how we can partner to make sure your organization is positioned for success. You can reach me by email at

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