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Fundraising Strategists. Philanthropic Partners.

We understand the day-to-day demands of running a nonprofit. With the added strain of a major fundraising effort, you need more than a consultant—you need a strategic partner. That’s why we’ll be there for you. With you. Working alongside you, every step of the way.

Since 1989, The Curtis Group has provided personalized fundraising counsel to over 200 nonprofits across the region. Partnering with clients spanning the arts & cultural, educational, civic & public affairs, social service and healthcare sectors, we’ve conducted more than 200 planning studies, over 5,000 interviews and raised over $650 million dollars.

What We Do

Campaign Planning & Management

Your campaign readiness and feasibility are only the beginning. Our extensive planning study will serve as a blueprint for your campaign, offering customized strategies to help you meet—and often exceed—your fundraising goal. We’ll continue this personalized approach in helping execute your campaign, through our fundraising campaign management and consulting services.

Program Assessment & Capacity Building

By assessing your fundraising program’s strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness, we can pinpoint areas of challenge and opportunity. Whether you need a development audit or capacity-building consultants, we’ll provide customized recommendations that will enhance the effectiveness and the results of your fundraising efforts.

Board & Staff Development

Through our staff and board training services, The Curtis Group can educate your leaders on topics that are crucial to reaching your fundraising goals. Topics will be customized for your organization and your board and may include “The Role of the Board in Fundraising” to “How to Make a Major Gift Ask.”

Clients & Case Studies

News & Events