Will Donors Give Less if Taxed More?

Posted , by Natalie McGaughey, development coordinator. Topic: Government.

A recent article in Philanthropy Matters examined the current Obama administration’s proposal on changes in charitable deductions for taxpayers with adjusted gross income over $250,000 for couples and $200,000 for individuals. This proposal suggests reducing the value of itemized charitable deductions from 35% to 28%, and raising the marginal income tax from 35% to 39.6%… Read more »

Do you have a Succession Plan in Place?

Posted , by Lauren B. Fenn, Campaign Consultant. Topic: Nonprofit Management.

Most often people think succession plans are something corporations need to have, but nonprofits must also consider them. While the nonprofit sector employs approximately 61.2 million full and part-time employees in this country, it is an unfortunate reality that our industry has a somewhat high turnover rate. According to the 2010 Employment Trends Survey, a… Read more »

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Fundraisers: Notes from Virginia Fundraising Institute 2012

Posted , by Erin Philips, Marketing Director & Campaign Consultant. Topic: Fundraising.

Last week The Curtis Group sponsored and attended the annual conference hosted by the Virginia Fundraising Institute (VFRI) in Richmond, VA. We have been involved in VFRI for nearly a decade and we always look forward to this gathering of fundraising leaders from across the Commonwealth. The conference, composed primarily of development professionals, provides an… Read more »

From the Donor’s Perspective

Posted , by Lauren Fenn, Campaign and Communications Manager. Topic: Donors.

As a part of our daily work we spend a lot of time listening to donors share their candid impressions of our client’s organizations as a whole; everything from the effectiveness of the staff and board to the way they are cultivated. Through the planning study, development assessment and capacity building interview process we learn… Read more »

Building Excellence Grantees Reflect on Development Successes and Challenges

Posted , by Wendy McGrady, Vice President. Topic: Fundraising, Nonprofit Management.

Earlier this week, The Hampton Roads Community Foundation gathered past grantees of its Building Excellence program to share ideas and discuss development challenges. The gathering not only produced very interesting conversation but some great ideas that we thought we’d share. Board engagement was a reoccurring theme that presented itself over the course of the lunch…. Read more »

Rethinking Your Annual Giving Approach

Posted , by Natalie McGaughey, Development Coordinator. Topic: Fundraising.

Last week Wendy and I attended an interesting presentation on annual giving at our Hampton Roads AFP chapter meeting. Kim Sperling, Director of Development at the Mason School of Business at William and Mary, revealed “Ten Truths and a Myth about Annual Giving,” which reiterated much of the advice we’ve been giving recently around the… Read more »

Major Gifts: Guidance from the Experts

Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Major Gifts Programs.

Last week Wendy and I taught a two-day Development and Fundraising course at Tidewater Community College’s Academy for Nonprofit Excellence. On the second day, Kay Stine of Norfolk Collegiate School, Billy Foster of TowneBank, and Christine Morris of Hampton Roads Community Foundation served on a panel that addressed issues surrounding major gift asks. All of… Read more »

“Anonymous” May Not Be the Same for Everyone

Posted , by Wesley Stanley. Topic: Donors.

Yesterday Wendy and I attended the AFP North Carolina Philanthropy Conference. Along with conducting her “Making the Successful Ask” presentation, Wendy hosted a round-table discussion during lunch on donor cultivation and stewardship. One guest at our table recounted a story that illustrates the importance of listening to donors and asking how they’d liked to be… Read more »

The Common Courtesy of Stewardship

Posted , by Wendy McGrady. Topic: Donor Communication, Donor Retention.

At the Giving Institute Summer Symposium last month, a representative of a major national corporation who sat on a panel of philanthropists offered good advice to nonprofits about giving and stewardship. One request he made concerned nonprofits to which his foundation has made a gift. He said he would appreciate a call from a board… Read more »

Grant-Making Up Among Smaller Foundations

Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Funds and Funders.

A new study by Foundation Source reports that the number and size of grants of less than $1 million increased by 15 percent in 2009. The firm, which provides services for small and medium-size philanthropies, based its findings on data collected by processing grants from nearly 700 client foundations. This runs counter to the trend… Read more »