Positive trends seen in giving to arts, culture & humanities

Posted , by Keith Curtis, President. Topic: Arts & Culture, Giving USA, Philanthropy Research & Events.

With a banner year for giving to arts, culture and humanities, these organizations have employed a variety of innovative tactics to engage donors and increase the contributed revenue that supports their missions. This investment in arts fundraising has resulted in a measurable boost in success. As immediate past chair of Giving USA Foundation, last month I shared with you the overall… Read more »

Key giving trends for arts & culture institutions: A sector-specific look at GIVING USA

Posted , by Michael Marks, Consultant. Topic: Arts & Culture, Giving USA.

It’s a good time to work in the arts. Charitable donations to this sector reached their highest level ever—an estimated $17.07 billion—last year, thumb according to Giving USA 2016: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2015, which was released June 14. Last month, our president Keith Curtis, immediate past chair of Giving USA… Read more »

Tips on Converting Event Donors to Organizational Donors

Posted , by Wesley Stanley, Marketing Director. Topic: Arts & Culture, Donor Prospects.

We recently tuned in to an informative webinar on “Converting Event Donors to Organizational Donors” presented by fellow Giving Institute member, Event 360. The webinar, part of Giving Institute’s monthly series, opened by defining the characteristics of these two distinctly different types of donors—the difference being the individual’s degree of knowledge, connection, motivation and investment…. Read more »

What Do You Need From Your Board?

Posted , by Wendy McGrady. Topic: Arts & Culture, Boards of Directors.

In last week’s blog post, a board member talked about his expectations and role within a board. He shared his thoughts during a panel discussion that Keith and I led as part of a workshop for the Virginia Association of Museum’s Annual Conference. Friends and clients, Page Hayhurst, Executive Director, Carolyn Cuthrell, Director of Development, and Joe Witt,… Read more »