Engaging Your Volunteers for Fundraising Success

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Engaging Your Volunteers for Fundraising Success   By Elizabeth Vana, Client Coordinator Spring is officially here­­—the days are getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and that pesky pollen is making everyone sniffle. But did you know that April brings so much more than flowers? April is National Volunteer Month! Nonprofits depend on the generosity and expertise… Read more »

Empowering Impact: The Role of Women in Philanthropy

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Empowering Impact: The Role of Women in Philanthropy By Victoria Dietz, Executive Vice President Women have long been catalysts for positive change in society, and their role in philanthropy is no exception. As a woman who has devoted her career to philanthropy and in honor of Women’s History Month, I want to explore some of the ways… Read more »

Welcome to New Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President!

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We are so thrilled to announce the promotion of Wendy and Victoria Wendy McGrady has been promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. She will spearhead the internal operations of the firm while also managing marketing, communications and her nonprofit clients and fundraising campaigns throughout the country. She has been with the firm since… Read more »

Three Ways to Start Your Year on the Right Foot

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Three Fundraising Best Practices for Your New Year By Kaitlin Robb Consultant & Marketing Director After the intensity of the holidays and year-end giving, nothing beats a fresh calendar and a new year. Before you move forward, consider incorporating these best practices both now and throughout the year. ​Thank Your Donors Did you get an influx… Read more »

Are You Ready for Your Fundraising Campaign – Let’s Talk Fundraising

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  Hilary Fulp and Victoria Dietz share practical tips to implement as you consider moving forward with a fundraising campaign. In less than 10 minutes learn the BIG 4! FOUR questions to ask about your organization’s readiness to move forward FOUR benchmarks for successful fundraising FOUR action items to do today To see this video and… Read more »

Do Something to CHANGE Something!

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As our firm continues to think about and discuss the role of inclusion and diversity in fundraising, we wanted to share with you the thought-provoking and practical article that our client and friend Logan Herring wrote. Logan is the CEO of REACH Riverside, a nonprofit community development corporation created to revitalize the Riverside neighborhood in… Read more »

How to Engage Your Volunteers During This Uncertain Time

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How to Engage Your Volunteers During This Uncertain Time By Abby Weber, Consultant Just as we have shared with you the ways that you should be building donor relationships, even in times of uncertainty, engaging your board and volunteers is equally important. But just how can you do that when you aren’t sitting across the… Read more »

Crisis Coaching

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This is a defining moment for your organization.   You might feel overwhelmed by increased demand and wondering how to communicate your needs, unsure who and how to ask for support, unclear how to motivate your team to be productive while working remotely, or uncertain how to prepare your organization to emerge from this time… Read more »

How to Build Donor Relationships During Crisis

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A Day in the Life of an Executive Director During These Uncertain Times How Shawn Puller Keeps Garth Newel Music Center Moving Forward By Marissa Monell, Client Manager, The Curtis Group, and Shawn Puller, Executive Director of Garth Newel Music Center in Warm Springs, VA We are excited to continue “A Day in the Life… Read more »