Keith Curtis Featured in Inside Business

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Keith Curtis recently ran an article in the Expert column in Inside Business.  Debunking the myth: Are we tired of giving? “The problem isn’t that donors are tired of giving. The problem is that they are tired of being repeatedly asked for support without being engaged, informed and educated about the impact of their previous… Read more »

Believe like a nonprofit. Behave like a business.

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Too many nonprofits are rewarded for how little they spend, rather than for what they get done. This is the double standard that author, activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta called out during his recent visit to Hampton Roads. (I highly recommend watching his TED talk). His presentation about “The Overhead Myth” got our sector buzzing…… Read more »

Funders Agree: Nonprofits Must Operate Like a Business

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Today, for the fourth year in a row, Keith moderated VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads’ Annual Funders Forum. This event, which brings together funders from across Hampton Roads, always produces a variety of interesting takeaways. An underlying theme of the funders’ comments from this year’s forum was the importance of a nonprofit operating like a business. The… Read more »

Before the Campaign Planning Study There’s the Business Plan

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Last week, as a result of our webinar on “What Makes an Effective Capital Campaign?” a question arose that we thought was worth addressing. One participant asked us to further explain the need for the business plan that we often recommend developing before moving into any type of campaign. The simple answer is this: a campaign… Read more »

2021 COVID Relief Package-What It Means for Nonprofits

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The COVID Relief Package Passed… Now What? By Hilary Fulp Consultant This week’s passing of the COVID Relief Package or the Omnibus Appropriations and Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act impacts all of us. The Act is robust with details and information, so we are here to provide you with the most up-to-date and useful information. Below… Read more »

Does Your Donation Matter? How giving is affecting nonprofits

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Does Your Donation Matter? How giving is affecting nonprofits in Hampton Roads In this month’s special Giving Issue of Inside Business, Keith Curtis had the opportunity to discuss the needs, challenges, funding and future of four important Hampton Roads nonprofits with each organization’s leader. Michele Anderson, president and CEO of the United Way of South… Read more »

Do Something to CHANGE Something!

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As our firm continues to think about and discuss the role of inclusion and diversity in fundraising, we wanted to share with you the thought-provoking and practical article that our client and friend Logan Herring wrote. Logan is the CEO of REACH Riverside, a nonprofit community development corporation created to revitalize the Riverside neighborhood in… Read more »

Recorded Webinar – Giving USA 2020

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Giving USA 2020: Using National Data to Advance Your Fundraising in Challenging Times   As we navigate these uncharted and uncertain waters in our world today and how it might impact giving, what can Giving USA 2020 do for you? This interactive presentation led by President Keith Curtis and Vice President Victoria Dietz of The Curtis… Read more »

COVID-19 Relief Bill Passed – What Does It Mean for Nonprofits?

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By Wendy McGrady Executive Vice President   Last week’s passing of the coronavirus stimulus package or the CARES Act has an impact on all of us. With all the information included in the act, our goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date and useful information. Below are a few highlights of the bill’s… Read more »

Nonprofits Need Help to Survive This Crisis

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  Nonprofits Need Help to Survive This Crisis Published March 29, 2020 “This pandemic and its implications have had a significant impact on the nonprofit community, and they need us now more than ever.” Keith Curtis wrote a great Op-Ed, published in The Virginian-Pilot yesterday. Check out these tangible ways that we can help without… Read more »