The Right Approach to Board Solicitation

Posted , by Keith Curtis, President. Topic: Boards of Directors, Fundraising.

Recently, we’ve had a lot of people ask about the best way to solicit leadership gifts from board members. As with any major gift solicitation (because that’s what you’re aiming for, right?), it’s always best to make an in-person ask. Having a board member solicit another board member in-person, is hands-down the most effective way… Read more »

Positive trends seen in giving to community colleges

Posted , by Wendy McGrady, Executive Vice President. Topic: Giving USA, Higher Education, Philanthropy Research & Events.

Good news for higher-ed advancement professionals—your hard work and investments in your fundraising program are paying off! As institutional budgets continue to shrink and the role of private philanthropy becomes more important than ever, it appears that your efforts are showing results. Last month, our president Keith Curtis, immediate past chair of Giving USA Foundation, shared with you the overall… Read more »

7 mistakes to avoid in your year-end fundraising

Posted , by Victoria Dietz, Vice President. Topic: Year-End Giving.

It’s fall, so if you haven’t started planning your year-end appeals, you’re late—but not too late! Over 40% of giving occurs in last four months of year. But Google has found that donors begin their research in August, and that online donation-related searches increase 30% from August to September. Of course, December is still king for when… Read more »

7 steps to score a prospect meeting

Posted , by Abby Weber, Client Manager. Topic: Donor Prospects.

It seems like people are busier than ever these days, and trying to connect with a donor for an in-person meeting can be a challenge. For that reason, nonprofit professionals often rely heavily on mailings and emails to communicate with donors. However, making the effort to meet with prospective and current donors face-to-face is one of the… Read more »

“Donor-Centered Fundraising” Defined

Posted , by Erin Phillips, Marketing Director and Consultant. Topic: Donor Communication, Fundraising.

AFP of Hampton Roads recently hosted a seminar featuring industry expert Penelope Burke on “Donor-Centered Fundraising,” which is also the title of a study published by her research firm Cyngus Applied Research, Inc. Burke opened her presentation with three attributes donors define as most important when making a gift to a nonprofit. 1. Receiving prompt, meaningful acknowledgment… Read more »

Blackbaud Reports on Online Giving Trends

Posted , by Natalie McGaughey, Development Coordinator. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

I recently participated in a webinar hosted by Blackbaud and The Giving Institute on the topic of trends in online giving, its impact on nonprofits, and the best ways for organizations to optimize donor engagement through digital channels. One major trend Blackbaud emphasized was the predictability of online giving. As online giving grows, data is collected to… Read more »

Tips for a Successful Annual Giving Program: Harris Connect Presents at AFP-HR

Posted , by Erin Phillips, consultant and marketing director. Topic: Fundraising.

This week at the Association of Fundraising Professionals-Hampton Roads luncheon, Kurt Worrell, general manager, Fundraising Solutions Division at Harris Connect, presented on the topic of annual giving. Kurt began with the statement that running a successful annual giving program can be time intensive and costly. However, he continued, it’s an integral part of any fundraising… Read more »

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Fundraisers: Notes from Virginia Fundraising Institute 2012

Posted , by Erin Philips, Marketing Director & Campaign Consultant. Topic: Fundraising.

Last week The Curtis Group sponsored and attended the annual conference hosted by the Virginia Fundraising Institute (VFRI) in Richmond, VA. We have been involved in VFRI for nearly a decade and we always look forward to this gathering of fundraising leaders from across the Commonwealth. The conference, composed primarily of development professionals, provides an… Read more »

New Findings on Donor Behavior: Highlights from the 2012 Cygnus Donor Survey

Posted , by Natalie McGaughey, Development Coordinator. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

For the past four years we have looked forward to reviewing statistics on donor behavior from the Cygnus Donor Survey. This is an annual research study of active American donors that charts recent giving experiences and future philanthropic intentions. It is led by author, researcher, and president of Cygnus Applied Research, Inc., Penelope Burk. The 2012… Read more »