Posted , by Abbie Hacker, Consultant. Topic: Crisis Fundraising, Donor Communication, Donor Retention, Fundraising, High-Net-Worth Individuals, Major Donors, Major Gifts Programs, Making the Ask, Webinars and Videos.

As we move into yet another season filled with uncertainty, we are all having to function under a new fundraising normal. This new normal still relies on the same successful fundraising cycle, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship, BUT, it now more than ever before depends on creativity and a combination of virtual and in-person approaches.
This practical and interactive presentation will help you identify what you can and should be doing today to build and maintain stronger relationships with your donors. We will also help you put these best practices in action, creating a robust donor relations and retention strategy for your organization going forward.
Led by Consultants Abbie Hacker and Abby Weber
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