Posted , by Wendy McGrady. Topic: High-Net-Worth Individuals.

After a recent meeting with a client and a high-net-worth donor, I was reflecting on the recent data from the 2010 Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy. The study results showed that these donors typically make their giving decisions with their spouse and like to involve their children and families wherever possible. These donors are motivated by a desire to make a difference and typically support the causes they love loyally and long term.

How are you reaching out to your loyal donors? Are you including their spouses, and even their children where appropriate? If you want the donor’s family to continue to support their chosen organizations, you need to start cultivating them now. How are you demonstrating return on investment? How can you assure a donor that her gift will make a difference? Do you know what that means to each of your top donors and can you demonstrate the impact of their gifts?

Just a few things to consider when you think about high-net-worth donors and prospects.

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