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Giving USA 2021:

Advance Your Fundraising Using National Data and Key Trends


The year 2020 was a year like none other. So, how did the economic, social and political landscape impact charitable giving in our country last year? How does this compare with what you are experiencing? And how can you put the data and trends into action?

This interactive presentation led by President Keith Curtis and Vice President Victoria Dietz will answer these questions and provide you with:

  • Just released data and trends from Giving USA 2021 and other key sector reports.
  • Discussion about the differences in giving between the primary donor sources including individuals, corporations and foundations and bequests.
  • Analysis with recommendations on how the data can be applied to your fundraising strategy.
  • Practical ideas and resources to keep you moving forward even in the midst of ongoing challenges.

Though 2020 was a roller coaster, there are countless lessons to be learned. Join us as we explore the newly released data and dive deep into how you and your board can put it to work to drive your organization’s fundraising success.

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