Posted , by Wendy McGrady. Topic: Planned Giving.

I have recently had the pleasure to work with a fairly young organization that has been named the recipient of many, generous bequests. Younger organizations should not underestimate legacy gifts. If your donors are connected and feel passionate about your organization and its mission, they may be legacy gift prospects.

Wills, living trusts, retirement plans and other gift and estate planning vehicles allow a donor to weave charitable intentions throughout his/her financial, tax, and estate planning goals. It is important for both young and old organizations to market and encourage these types of gifts. Include information about planned giving options on your website, in newsletters and your annual report. Many organizations create legacy societies as a way to recognize and honor donors, and as a way to encourage others to give a legacy gift. It is important to communicate that a legacy gift is a living reminder left by individuals that will continue to support your organization for years to come.

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