Posted , by Wendy McGrady. Topic: Donor Communication, Donor Retention.

At the Giving Institute Summer Symposium last month, a representative of a major national corporation who sat on a panel of philanthropists offered good advice to nonprofits about giving and stewardship.

One request he made concerned nonprofits to which his foundation has made a gift. He said he would appreciate a call from a board or staff member in between calls to ask for money, just to give him an update and let him know how his gift is helping. How sad that he had to make that point.

It’s not just your top donors who need stewarding, either. Everyone who gives to, volunteers with, or is otherwise loyal to your organization deserves not only to be thanked, but to be made aware of what their gift of money or time is helping you accomplish. Stewarding donors and volunteers is more than an integral part of the cultivation process. It’s a common courtesy we all appreciate.

How do you and your organization steward donors? We welcome you to share below.

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