Posted , by Wendy McGrady. Topic: Funds and Funders, Nonprofit Management.

The Curtis Group enjoyed being a sponsor of and participating in VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads’ 2011 Funders Forum. The morning began with a panel of five, local foundation representatives responding to and sharing conversation over various questions.

I enjoyed hearing the responses to this question: How do you determine what makes a nonprofit effective?

The first panelist felt that sound governance makes nonprofits effective. If your board is strong, your organization will be. Another panelist emphasized that when it comes to capital projects, being able to provide clear and concise plans for both building and operating are of upmost importance. Contributing to that thought, one foundation representative felt that 100% transparency makes a non-profit effective, adding that organizations should always be forthcoming with their challenges.

Does your organization have sound governance, a clear plan, and transparency? What determining factors make your nonprofit effective?

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