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Courtesy of our Giving Institute Colleagues Dunham+Company
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Donors 40-59 years old are now the most likely to give online, countering the conventional wisdom that younger donors are more likely to give online, according to a recent survey commissioned by Dunham+Company and conducted by Campbell Rinker.

The percentage of donors 40-59 years old giving online has increased from 47 percent in 2010 to 67 percent in 2015. That compares to 54 percent of donors under 40 saying in 2015 that they have given a gift through a charity’s website, a drop from 60 percent in 2014. In addition, 54 percent of donors 60 years old and older say they have given online, making this demographic just as likely to give online as those under 40.

“It’s easy for organizations to have in mind a 20- or 30-year-old when they think of their online donors, but in fact it is the aging donor that is now the most likely to give online,” says Rick Dunham, President+CEO of Dunham+Company. “And the fact that donors 60 and older are as likely now to give online as donors under 40 means charitable organizations must shift their thinking about who is giving through their website.”

Social media also continues to grow as a key vehicle for peer-to-peer fundraising:

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