Posted , by Wesley Stanley, Marketing Director. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

As another challenging year for nonprofits draws to a close, we were encouraged to read this week that a recent global poll found the United States to be the most generous country in terms of charitable giving. Despite the fact that we are still recovering from the worst recession we’ve seen in decades, Americans managed to climb from last year’s fifth place ranking to first of the 153 countries surveyed this year. According to respondents, two out of three Americans said they donated money to a charity and nearly three out of five volunteered their time in 2011.

As the results of Giving USA showed us earlier this year (i.e. giving rose 3.8% in 2010), even when times are tough Americans continue to find ways to support those in need. To us, this speaks volumes about the people of our country. So with the season of giving in full swing this week, not to mention many nonprofits wrapping up the final phases of their annual giving campaigns, remember those in need, support a charity with a year-end gift and let us not forget as we look to the new year, one of the things that should make us most proud to be American – our philanthropic nature. And with that, we wish you a joyful holiday season!

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