Do you trust them? Philanthropy in action

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Trust-Based Philanthropy in Action By Wendy McGrady, Executive Vice President Much has already been written in response to MacKenzie Scott’s December distribution of over $4 billion in unrestricted gifts to 384 organizations across the country. Rightfully so — such incredible generosity should be covered and celebrated! Her significant, unexpected gifts will certainly be transformational to… Read more »

Launching a Successful Fundraising Campaign – Let’s Talk Fundraising Video

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In today’s edition of Let’s Talk Fundraising, Victoria Dietz and Keith Curtis discuss some of their personal experiences and insights from working with nonprofits at various stages of a fundraising campaign during this past year of uncertainty. Keith will also tell you what you could be working on to prepare your organization for a campaign… Read more »

2021 COVID Relief Package-What It Means for Nonprofits

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The COVID Relief Package Passed… Now What? By Hilary Fulp Consultant This week’s passing of the COVID Relief Package or the Omnibus Appropriations and Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act impacts all of us. The Act is robust with details and information, so we are here to provide you with the most up-to-date and useful information. Below… Read more »

Does Your Donation Matter? How giving is affecting nonprofits

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Does Your Donation Matter? How giving is affecting nonprofits in Hampton Roads In this month’s special Giving Issue of Inside Business, Keith Curtis had the opportunity to discuss the needs, challenges, funding and future of four important Hampton Roads nonprofits with each organization’s leader. Michele Anderson, president and CEO of the United Way of South… Read more »

Leaving a Legacy – Let’s Talk Fundraising

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Welcome to “Let’s Talk Fundraising”. Vice President Victoria Dietz chats with President and Founder Keith Curtis about planned giving. He recently presented to the Hampton Roads Gift Planning Council about this topic and the results of a national study of planned giving donors conducted by the Giving USA Foundation entitled Leaving a Legacy: A New… Read more »

Two Months Until Year End: Do These 5 Things to Make it Successful

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By Abbie Hacker While the principles of fundraising remain the same even in the midst of this challenging year, the application might look a little different right now. In the nonprofit sector, the end of the calendar year is an important time for fundraising. With only two months until the end of 2020, make sure… Read more »

Recorded Webinar: Making the VIRTUAL Ask

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Can you ask for a major gift via phone or over a video chat? YES – if done thoughtfully!   In case you missed it, The Curtis Group’s Vice President Victoria Dietz provided an insightful and informative presentation. Watch the full presentation below:   The fundraising rules have changed for 2020, but we are here… Read more »

Do Something to CHANGE Something!

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As our firm continues to think about and discuss the role of inclusion and diversity in fundraising, we wanted to share with you the thought-provoking and practical article that our client and friend Logan Herring wrote. Logan is the CEO of REACH Riverside, a nonprofit community development corporation created to revitalize the Riverside neighborhood in… Read more »

Giving USA – Environment and Animal Welfare

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   Giving USA Environment and Animals – Let’s Talk Fundraising from The Curtis Group on Vimeo. This was a record breaking year for giving to the environment and animal welfare sector on the heels of five years of growth. Watch our latest edition of Let’s Talk Fundraising as Victoria Dietz and Abby Weber chat… Read more »