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Launch Your Transformational Campaign

A Checklist for Success… Even in Uncertain Times

In case you missed it, The Curtis Group’s President & Founder Keith Curtis and Consultant Abby Weber provided an insightful and informative presentation. Watch the full presentation below:


Planning for a campaign in 2021? Thinking about a campaign a few years from now? Dreaming that a campaign will be in your future at some point?

Then this webinar is for you! Conducting a campaign is an exciting time to create a legacy of success for you and for your organization! But let’s be honest… conducting a campaign is also a lot work.

You might know this, but does your board and staff leadership understand what is needed to be thoroughly prepared? Do you have questions about how you could possibly launch a campaign in the midst of an ongoing public health crisis?

Before embarking on this intense fundraising effort, invite your board and join us as we:

  • Describe key success indicators to examine your organization’s readiness
  • Outline the planning process before approaching a campaign
  • Dig into key campaign components and benchmarks
  • Summarize the phases and timeline of a campaign
  • Discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the fundraising process and how this might impact future campaigns

Whether you are considering a capital or endowment campaign, being informed and well prepared will lay the ground work for your success!

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