IRA Charitable Rollover – Eight Months Left to Participate

Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Government.

With only eight months left to participate in the IRA charitable rollover provision (unless Congress extends it), now is the time to be talking to your donors and prospects who are age 70-1/2 and older. Neal Brodsky, an attorney with LeClairRyan, and Nan Edgerton, vice president of development for the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, recently… Read more »

How Tax Changes Will Affect Donors

Posted , by Nancy Chapman. Topic: Government.

Development professionals should be sure to review The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s helpful summary of how tax proposals being considered by Congress will affect donors. For example,¬†if the income-tax rate goes up for wealthy Americans,¬†people who now pay 33 percent of their income in taxes would pay 36 percent, and those who now pay 35 percent… Read more »

Council Publishes Helpful Report

Posted , by Nancy Chapman. Topic: Government.

After tweeting about yesterday’s blog post, we got a direct message on Twitter from the National Council of Nonprofits sharing its special report published March 16, State Budget Crises: Ripping the Safety Net Held by Nonprofits. The report contains helpful information about lobbying community leaders regarding nonprofit funding. But in sharing this report here, Keith… Read more »