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What You Need to Know about Donor-Advised Funds in 2020


It’s not too late. Even if you missed the live webinar on donor-advised funds, we recorded it as well as printed the slides that accompanied the presentation.

Keith Curtis and Jeff Giannotto delve into the details of donor-advised funds. You can learn about the basics of donor-advised funds (DAFs), why individuals use them,which donors are using them, how to proactively acknowledge, record and engage with supporters who are using DAFs, and what do we expect to see in the future surrounding this quickly growing giving vehicle.

Looking for additional information on DAFs?


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It’s not too late. Even if you missed Keith’s webinar on donor-advised funds with MarketSmart, we recorded it! Check it out to learn the ins and outs, and how to market, acknowledge and receive contributions through DAFs. #philanthropy #donoradvisedfunds #webinar #fundraising

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