Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Donor Acknowledgement, Donor Retention.

For the last five years, a good friend of mine has given $750 a year to a nonprofit that serves people in need. It’s a worthy cause, no doubt, and my friend understands that the need has grown. He noted that in the last six weeks, he’s received three direct-mail appeals from the organization.

But he mentioned that after five years of gifts totaling nearly $4,000, he thought he would have gotten a phone call from a board member or development staffer to thank him and let him know what his gift has made possible.

Sure, he gets the nonprofit’s form letter thank-you every year, but is that enough? He wasn’t sure whether he should be annoyed or if he’s expecting too much. Should he continue giving to this group or look for an organization that’s trying to build a relationship with him?

What do you think? Help us get a discussion going by weighing in below. Is my friend getting the proper donor stewardship?

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