Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Fundraising.

A few days ago, The Chronicle of Philanthropy published its fundraising index for the second quarter of 2010. The index says fundraising improved slightly over the first quarter, primarily because of small increases in the nation’s GDP and a slight upturn in what Americans earn.

But as we all know,┬áthe economy is still challenged, which means so is the fundraising environment. As the nation slogs through the recovery over the next year, we as development professionals need to remember that these times call for best practices in fundraising: engaging your board, getting your message out, keeping key donors informed, stewarding donors properly, and as we’ve been emphasizing, diversifying your funding stream.

As Giving USA 2010 showed, people in this nation are still giving generously. Nonprofits that follow best practices in fundraising are the ones that will get their gifts.

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