Posted , by Wendy McGrady. Topic: Fundraising.

People who haven’t done major fundraising sometimes hold misconceptions about how the process works. We’ve had questions recently about whether we can guarantee fundraising results or bring our own list of potential donors to a new client.

The answer to both questions is no, because both are unethical. As a member of the Giving Institute, we follow its code of ethics, which includes: “Member firms do not guarantee fundraising results, promise access to the donors of current or previous client institutions, or otherwise engage in marketing methods that are misleading to prospective clients, to the public or to individual donors.”

Not only is supplying a donor list unethical, it wouldn’t work. Experts know that the most successful fundraising evolves organically through relationships nurtured by your board, staff, and volunteers. Donors must care about your organization and the people you help before they’re moved to make a gift.

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