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Last week at the AFP North Carolina Philanthropy Conference, I went to a workshop called “Giving Across Generations.” A Baby Boomer, Gen-Xer, and Millennial each described what’s important to her in terms of giving priorities and working with nonprofits at this stage of her life.

A veteran donor, the Baby Boomer said she’s now interested in leaving a legacy for her family, such as funding a scholarship program, that will reflect the lifetime impact she’s had on the community.

The Gen-Xer, a working mom with no time for black-tie events, said she needs to be engaged in an organization that can include her children. Don’t call her at home where she’s too busy to talk, she advised—use email or her cell phone.

And the Millennial, the youngest of the three, recently served on a board that dismissed all her ideas. She wants to work with a nonprofit that will value her contribution and take her seriously. She added that you can communicate with her on Facebook.

It was clear from this workshop that priorities differ during each stage of life and different communication strategies are required. We’d love to hear how you’re applying this to your fundraising tactics.

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