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In case you missed our most recent webinar, be sure to check out the recording to learn more about the giving vehicles impacting donor behavior and the nonprofit sector.

The number of possible giving vehicles continues to rise, from donor-advised funds to Qualified Charitable Distributions, from bequests to stock donations and everything in between. It is critical that nonprofits present themselves as a helpful resource for their donors to make the most impactful gift. Learn about the range of giving vehicles that advance a donor’s social and financial objectives as well as what your organization needs to know and do to receive these diverse gifts. We will address the following topics in an interactive and engaging presentation:
  • Overview of giving vehicles: donor-advised funds, bequests, private family foundations, stock gifts, Qualified Charitable Distributions and more. 
  • Incorporating giving vehicles into your fundraising
  • Providing thoughtful guidance without offering tax or investment advice
  • Preparing your organization to accept different giving vehicles


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