Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Campaigns & Campaign Planning.

Earlier this week I was called by a reporter for The Anniston Star in Alabama to comment on the lack of a campaign goal for the community’s United Way drive this fall. In the article, Sal Fabens, public relations director for United Way of America, said the organization is moving away from setting campaign goals.

“Some local United Ways have internal goals, but they’re not encouraged to focus on that effort; that’s just a strategy to get community impact,” Fabens said in the story. “Frankly, the big announcement of a fundraising goal is an outdated message these days.”

My questions are, without some kind of goal, even if it’s a range, how will you know if the campaign is successful? How will your donors know what your financial needs are? And how will your volunteers measure their accomplishments?

What do you think? Is this becoming a trend with other nonprofits? Should it become a trend?

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