Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Major Gifts Programs, Making the Ask, Philanthropy Research & Events.

You know how we’re always saying you need to ask for major gifts in person? A new study by Indiana University’s Center on Philanthropy and Campbell & Company, “Significant Gifts: Where Donors Direct Their Largest Gifts and Why” proves us right.

The study reports that donors who were asked to give in person (to secular charities) by someone they knew donated 19 percent more than when asked by phone, mail, or email. For religious organizations, donors who were asked in person gave 42 percent more.

And you know how we’re always saying you must recognize donors for their gifts? The study also reports that donors who received substantial recognition for their gifts made larger gifts than those receiving less recognition.

So you know how in our last blog post, we said your board members need to do their part? Maybe you should show them this one.

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