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In a year-end fundraising survey, The Chronicle of Philanthropy found that 62 percent of nonprofits reported raising more last November and December than in the same period for 2009.

An article on the results, published this week, also said that nearly two-thirds of the 245 nonprofits surveyed had an overall gain in donations in 2010, with 24 percent reporting donations for the year growing more than 20 percent.

And this may surprise you: 35 percent said they raised more in 2010 than they had before the recession started.

This confirms what we’ve continued to emphasize all along in client meetings, workshops, and training presentations: People are giving. You simply have to educate and cultivate them, make the ask properly, and steward them well. Even if the economic recovery is slow, it’s no excuse not to reach out to potential donors.

How did your organization fare in 2010? We welcome your comments below.

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