Posted , by Nancy Chapman. Topic: Careers in Philanthropy.

It’s ironic that as the country prepares to celebrate National Philanthropy Day on Nov. 15 (the local event is Nov. 12), CNN recently added “fundraiser” to its list of the “Top 15 Stressful Jobs That Pay Badly.”

“No matter the cause,” the article reports, “asking people to part with their money is not easy. And it doesn’t just happen at cocktail parties. Fundraisers are hitting the pavement between galas, meeting with donors, writing grant proposals, and overseeing outreach campaigns and running events.”

This brings to mind an old saying, but with a twist: It takes money to raise money. You want an effective fundraising program? Then you need to hire effective development professionals and pay them what they’re worth. For a nonprofit’s future, little else is more important.

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