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Uncertain Times Demand Strategic Response

Published March 22, 2020


Keith was published as a guest in Inside Business today. Check out this excerpt that calls us to action. As donors and nonprofits, we have a critical role to play.


If you are a donor: 

Stay the course — you’ve chosen to invest your time and energy in the nonprofits to which you’re committed because you believe in their mission and you want to make a difference. Their mission is still important (and in some cases more important) in challenging times. Stand with them.

If you are a nonprofit:

Be prepared. Stay on top of the latest news and stock market trends and read about how other nonprofits are handling this uncertain time. Understand how this could impact your organization and make sure that your entire organization is on the same page regarding priorities, plans and communication strategy.

Often, situations like these present unique needs for nonprofits and those benefiting from their services. Donors also might be grappling with what their support should look like during the uncertainty. So, an open dialogue is all the more important.

To read the full article, click here.

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