Posted , by Wendy McGrady. Topic: Donors.

Last Thursday, Sept. 10, two notable events started me thinking about my contribution to the community. That morning, renowned leader and philanthropist Frank Batten Sr. passed away. That evening, Judge Richard Bray, president and CEO of the Beazley Foundation since 2002, was honored as Chesapeake’s First Citizen for 2009.

As I drove home from the dinner for Judge Bray, I began to wonder what my own impact has been on the community. Am I making a positive difference, and if so, how?

It’s a good question for all of us. People who work with and for nonprofits have an inherent opportunity to improve their piece of the world. Maybe we should each take a moment now and then to look up from our To Do lists and assess the bigger picture. What will your legacy be?

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