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This week we’re taking a break from our weekly fundraising tip to look at the reason we started posting these tips to begin with: the economic recovery.

Several major economists believe the recession has ended, and the Federal Reserve chair recently said it was over in last quarter of 2009. But earlier this week, the folks at the National Bureau of Economic Research announced that it’s premature to say the recession is over, even though many of the indicators have turned positive.

But one point on which they all agree is that whether the economic recovery has already started or will begin later this year, it will likely be a slow process. So the weekly guidance we’ve been posting becomes even more critical to meeting your fundraising goals this year.

At the Giving Institute conference I just attended, one speaker explained that the economic climate is giving nonprofits an opportunity to focus on improving their organizations. Then when the economy is fully recovered, they’ll be in the best shape possible to take advantage of the upswing in giving.

Next week, we’ll return to posting the fundraising tips that will help you with this process.

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