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Representatives from Wachovia Wells Fargo recently presented to the Hampton Roads Gift Planning Council. Part of their presentation honed in on women in philanthropy and the fact that women are a distinct piece of the “philanthropic puzzle.” This is largely due to the growing amount of wealth controlled by women in the American economy.

One interesting thing to keep in mind when approaching your female donors—they do not donate for the same reasons as men. Women are emotional givers. Consider the 6 C’s that motivate women to give.

1) Create (women like to create new solutions to old problems)

2) Change (there is a desire among female donors to make/instigate change)

3) Connect (women want to connect to other donors, organizations, and beneficiaries of organizations)

4) Commit (women give to organizations whose visions they share – they are committed to a cause)

5) Collaborate (women prefer to work with others)

6) Celebrate (women want to celebrate their accomplishments and what their gift has achieved)

Has your organization seen an increased amount of female donors? As an individual, what motivates you to give?

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