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“Let’s Talk Fundraising” Video with Steve MacLaughlin, Senior Advisor at the Blackbaud Institute



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In today’s edition of Let’s Talk Fundraising, Vice President Victoria Dietz chats with Steve MacLaughlin, Senior Advisor at the Blackbaud Institute about their recent release of the 2020 Charitable Giving Report. Watch to learn…

  • Did overall giving increase or decrease in 2020?
  • How did online giving compare to overall giving? And is this trend here to stay?
  • Watch to end for 2 practical ways to use this data to improve and grow your fundraising.

“Most of us would agree 2020 was a year to forget, but from a fundraising standpoint, it was an unforgettable year.”

– Steve MacLaughlin


We are looking forward to Giving USA in June to learn even more!

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