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It struck me today as we presented our first Curtis Group-sponsored webinar to over 100 individuals from South Carolina all the way to New York and as far west as Indiana, about the ever-changing world in which we live. I began working as a fundraising consultant over 25 years ago and founded The Curtis Group nearly 23 years ago. Back then it would have been nearly impossible, unless we were participating in some type of national forum, like AFP International’s annual conference, to have reached an audience this large, not to mention diverse. It sounds like a simple observation, but it is incredible the ways in which technology can help us better spread important information on philanthropy and connect with our colleagues and clients without even seeing their faces.

As Giving Institute members, The Curtis Group is proud to be able to share the important findings of Giving USA on an annual basis with nonprofit professionals across Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland through our various speaking engagements, but to reach an audience this wide felt really good. If you tuned in to our webinar today and have questions you’d like to ask us regarding the presentation, please feel free to leave them here. Also, if you’d like to suggest topics for future webinars, we’d love to hear them. Otherwise, we thank those of you who joined us and look forwarded to bringing you more webinars in the very near future.

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