Posted , by Victoria Dietz, Executive Vice President. Topic: Board Development, Development Plan, Fundraising, Major Donors, Planned Giving, Webinars and Videos.

This insightful presentation led by Executive Vice President Victoria Dietz and Associate Consultant Ginny Reynolds-Badgett delves into the art and science of growing a nonprofit endowment. Discover proven strategies, expert insights and practical tips to cultivate lasting financial sustainability for your organization. Learn how to plant the seeds of sustainability and grow your endowment that will fuel your mission for years to come.
Leave with a better understanding of:
• The definition of a nonprofit endowment and why it is important for your organization to have one, no matter the size of your budget
• Practical and effective strategies for growing your endowment without negatively impacting your other fundraising efforts
• How to address misconceptions and talk to your donors about the importance of endowment giving, planned giving, estate gifts and other giving vehicles that can perpetuate endowment gifts
• Applicable success stories from other nonprofit organizations that have created and grown their endowment


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