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Here’s our final (for now) tip on how you can remain a giving priority with philanthropists during this time of economic recovery: Invest in philanthropy. Today’s major-gift donors need to be certain that their gifts will be managed properly. They consider their giving to be an investment in a nonprofit’s future, so it’s vital to… Read more »

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At the AFP International Conference last week, Archbishop Desmond Tutu reminded the fundraising crowd of their vocation, their calling, their noble profession, and that the word philanthropy meant “love of humankind.” While preparing to lead a board retreat earlier this week, I was reminded that what we are all really trying to do is give… Read more »

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While at the AFP International Conference in Baltimore last week, we met the founders of EdBoard, a new online forum where nonprofit professionals can easily and efficiently obtain, request, post, or share information. Check it out.

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Draft a development plan and stick to it. Engage your volunteers in creating the plan. This is our ninth tip to remain a priority with philanthropists during the economic recovery. If you’ve engaged your board members and development committee in creating the plan, everyone should be in agreement on your fundraising goals, strategies, and tactics…. Read more »

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At the AFP International Conference earlier this week, Wendy and I spoke to a development director of a retirement community who is trying to raise $9 million for a new facility. Her board discussed doing a campaign planning study and then decided that instead of contracting with an outside firm, they would have their development… Read more »

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This week we’re taking a break from our weekly fundraising tip to look at the reason we started posting these tips to begin with: the economic recovery. Several major economists believe the recession has ended, and the Federal Reserve chair recently said it was over in last quarter of 2009. But earlier this week, the… Read more »

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Last Friday, I was one of five Giving Institute members who served on a panel organized by editors of The Chronicle of Philanthropy and moderated by Holly Hall, a Chronicle features editor. The session was part of the Giving Institute’s conference, held in conjunction with the AFP International Conference that kicked off Sunday. Our panel… Read more »

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Create a challenge gift: That’s number eight in our series of tips on how to remain a philanthropic priority in the economic recovery. Challenge gifts can come from individual donors, foundations, businesses, or even your collective board. It doesn’t have to be huge, although those can work well too. When the Virginia Living Museum was offered $6… Read more »

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An article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy last week reported that “cuts to corporate giving budgets are slowing this year.” A study by the Conference Board said 20 percent of the businesses surveyed plan to reduce their charitable giving in 2010, compared with 53 percent in 2009. While this is good news, it doesn’t mean… Read more »

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It’s that time of the week. Here’s our seventh tip to help you remain a philanthropic priority during the economic recovery: Develop new fundraising leadership by recruiting and engaging people who have a passion for your organization. Too often the board recruiting process goes like this: “I met someone at a civic club meeting who… Read more »