Summer Symposium provides an abundance of thought-provoking takeaways.

Posted , by Wesley Stanley, Marketing Director. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

If you’ve visited our Facebook page lately you’ve seen some of our takeaways from the Giving Institute’s recent Summer Symposium. The annual event, co-chaired this year by Keith, drew a diverse crowd of Giving Institute board members, senior managers from member and guest firms, as well as distinguished practitioners from across the country. After four… Read more »

Women: A Distinct Piece of the Philanthropic Puzzle

Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

Representatives from Wachovia Wells Fargo recently presented to the Hampton Roads Gift Planning Council. Part of their presentation honed in on women in philanthropy and the fact that women are a distinct piece of the “philanthropic puzzle.” This is largely due to the growing amount of wealth controlled by women in the American economy. One… Read more »

Survey Shows Donations Rebounding

Posted , by Nancy Chapman. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

In a year-end fundraising survey, The Chronicle of Philanthropy found that 62 percent of nonprofits reported raising more last November and December than in the same period for 2009. An article on the results, published this week, also said that nearly two-thirds of the 245 nonprofits surveyed had an overall gain in donations in 2010,… Read more »

Giving Online Jumped in 2010

Posted , by Wendy McGrady. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

An article last week in The Chronicle of Philanthropy and a recent news report on PBS both indicate that a growing number of Americans are supporting charities through online giving and social media. In the Chroncle article, the fundraising software company Convio said that online donations to its 1, 300 clients topped $1.3 billion in… Read more »

Wealthy Donors Are Giving Big

Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: High-Net-Worth Individuals, Philanthropy Research & Events.

The headline says it all: “Year-End Giving Season Is Bountiful for Charities That Rely on the Wealthy.” Not only is this encouraging news for nonprofits,┬áit’s validating for us. Over our 22-year history, we’ve stressed the incomparable value of high-net-worth donors, and we’ve hit that message even harder during the economic downturn because we know they’re… Read more »

A Moving Celebration of Philanthropy

Posted , by Wendy McGrady. Topic: National Philanthropy Day.

This year I’ve served as president of the Hampton Roads chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. In that role I had the honor of presenting the awards at Tuesday’s National Philanthropy Day Luncheon to the people and organizations whose philanthropic work is among the most outstanding in Hampton Roads. More than 300 people attended… Read more »

High-Net-Worth Philanthropy Study Published

Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: High-Net-Worth Individuals, Philanthropy Research & Events.

Yesterday, the 2010 Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy was released. Produced by Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, this is the third edition of the study, which was also issued in 2008 and 2006. High-net-worth households are defined as those with annual incomes of $200,000 or more,… Read more »

Women Give More than Men, Study Finds

Posted , by Wendy McGrady. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

Fundraisers who aren’t paying attention to women may be losing out on a huge source of donations, according to a study published yesterday by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. Women at virtually every income level are more likely to give to charity and to give more money on average than their male counterparts,… Read more »

News Reports on Drop in Giving Omit Vital Facts

Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

You may have read or heard panic-inducing news reports this week about an 11 percent drop in charitable giving last year, the worst decline in two decades, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. What wasn’t reported are vital facts about the Chronicle’s survey that will affect how you interpret it. Also unreported by mass media… Read more »

Charitable Giving Is Up, Says New Index

Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

Yesterday, the inaugural edition of Blackbaud’s Index of Charitable Giving was released. Blackbaud is a global provider of software and services for nonprofits. The news is good. Not only did the index find that nonprofits of all sizes are emerging from the recession, overall nonprofit revenue increased by 12.1 percent for the three months ending… Read more »