Nonprofit Research Collaborative Releases New Study

Posted , by Wesley Stanley, Marketing Director. Topic: National Research Collaborative, Philanthropy Research & Events.

Earlier this week, the Nonprofit Research Collaborative released the results of its most recent Nonprofit Fundraising Study, which covers charitable receipts of U.S. nonprofit organizations during the 2011 calendar year. More than 1,600 nonprofits responded to the survey representing organizations with both large and small budgets and across all sectors from Arts, Culture and Humanities to… Read more »

Growing Philanthropy

Posted , by Wesley Stanley, Marketing Director. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

A recent article in The Nonprofit Quarterly posed the question, “How can we grow philanthropy in the United States?” It’s one that deserves some thought, especially in light of the fact that giving in this country has remained flat (approximately 2% of household income) over the past 40 years. As we highlighted in a post last… Read more »

Charitable Giving Forecast: How Potential Changes in the U.S. Tax Code Could Encourage an Increase

Posted , by Erin Phillips, Campaign Consultant. Topic: Government, Philanthropy Research & Events.

The nonprofit industry is keeping a close watch on Washington in 2012 as this year could bring about some significant changes in tax legislation that will affect American’s charitable giving. While most of the proposed policies are not favorable to organizations filing as 501(3)c, fundraisers could see an increase in donations this year as people… Read more »

New Year’s Advice, and Good News, For Nonprofits

Posted , by Keith Curtis, President. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

With 2012 off and running, we wanted to pass along some guidance that we shared earlier this week in a column for The Hampton Roads Business Journal, Inside Business. While fundraising remains challenging in our post-recession economy, nonprofits that are strategic in their approach and demonstrate effective programming will find success in raising money. We have… Read more »

Giving USA Spotlight: Relationship Cultivation Using Social Media

Posted , by Erin Phillips, Campaign Consultant. Topic: Donor Retention, Giving USA.

As most nonprofits are wrapping up the final week of their annual giving campaign and gearing up for the New Year, we wanted to share some valuable information from the latest edition of the 2011 Giving USA Spotlight series. The third and final issue of the year, entitled, “Relationship Cultivation Using Social Media” offers good… Read more »

Americans Remain Amongst the World’s Most Generous

Posted , by Wesley Stanley, Marketing Director. Topic: Philanthropy Research & Events.

As another challenging year for nonprofits draws to a close, we were encouraged to read this week that a recent global poll found the United States to be the most generous country in terms of charitable giving. Despite the fact that we are still recovering from the worst recession we’ve seen in decades, Americans managed… Read more »

More Nonprofits, Really?

Posted , by Wendy McGrady, Vice President. Topic: Fundraising, Philanthropy Research & Events.

A recent study found that 12 million baby boomers want to start their own nonprofit or socially oriented business over the next decade. While this sounds like a wonderful way to engage in social change by improving communities, it’s troublesome news to those of us in the nonprofit industry who observe constant duplication of services… Read more »

What Motivates Us To Give?

Posted , by Keith Curtis, President. Topic: Donors, Philanthropy Research & Events.

Last night, as part of its philanthropy series, American Public Media’s “Marketplace” aired a story that examined how people think about giving. Host Kai Ryssdal interviewed Yale economist Dean Karlan on what motivates us to give. Dean provided an optimistic take on the recession and how it motivates donors to focus on the analytical side of supporting… Read more »

Curtis Group Webinar Helps Spread the Word on Philanthropy

Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Giving USA.

It struck me today as we presented our first Curtis Group-sponsored webinar to over 100 individuals from South Carolina all the way to New York and as far west as Indiana, about the ever-changing world in which we live. I began working as a fundraising consultant over 25 years ago and founded The Curtis Group… Read more »

What You Should Know About Millennial Donors

Posted , by Wendy McGrady, Vice President. Topic: Donors, Philanthropy Research & Events.

Earlier this week we participated in a Giving Institute-sponsored webinar, entitled “Engaging Millennials Now For the Future Prosperity of Your Development Program.” The webinar cited a lot of interesting research from a recently published survey of millennial donors. We thought we’d share some of the highlights: Giving/Motivations for Giving: 93% of Millennials surveyed gave to nonprofit… Read more »