Seven Habits of Highly Effective Fundraisers: Notes from Virginia Fundraising Institute 2012

Posted , by Erin Philips, Marketing Director & Campaign Consultant. Topic: Fundraising.

Last week The Curtis Group sponsored and attended the annual conference hosted by the Virginia Fundraising Institute (VFRI) in Richmond, VA. We have been involved in VFRI for nearly a decade and we always look forward to this gathering of fundraising leaders from across the Commonwealth. The conference, composed primarily of development professionals, provides an… Read more »

Make the Most of Your Data

Posted , by Wendy McGrady, Vice President. Topic: Donors, Fundraising.

Last week we participated in a webinar on donor databases titled “Data Data Everywhere. Mining for Gold in your Donor Database.” This hour-long discussion was conducted by Fundraising Success magazine and featured three presenters: Amanda Mallinger Reinartz, Manager Product Development, Metafile; Jodi Scheib, Vice President, Fundraising, DMW Direct; and Joe Hamilton, Director of Development, Franciscan Friars…. Read more »

Raising Money Like an Entrepreneur: “Selling” Advice to Nonprofits

Posted , by Erin Phillips, Marketing Director and Campaign Consultant. Topic: Fundraising, Nonprofit Management.

This week we came across an interesting article in our Twitter feed by Charles Moldow, a partner at a Venture Capital firm. Although the blog post from the website Tech Crunch is written for entrepreneurs seeking start up investments, there are clear parallels to be drawn for small nonprofits soliciting gifts from individuals. At the end… Read more »

Tracking the True Cost of Fundraising

Posted , by Natalie McGaughey, Development Coordinator. Topic: Fundraising.

Earlier this spring, The Giving Institute hosted an interesting webinar on “The Cost of Fundraising” presented by fellow Giving Institute member, Melissa Brown of Melissa Brown and Associates. Melissa began by pointing out the fact that there are a lot of gaps that exist in fundraising costs today. In fact, the majority of organizations only track… Read more »

Building Excellence Grantees Reflect on Development Successes and Challenges

Posted , by Wendy McGrady, Vice President. Topic: Fundraising, Nonprofit Management.

Earlier this week, The Hampton Roads Community Foundation gathered past grantees of its Building Excellence program to share ideas and discuss development challenges. The gathering not only produced very interesting conversation but some great ideas that we thought we’d share. Board engagement was a reoccurring theme that presented itself over the course of the lunch…. Read more »

Planning for Pledge Attrition

Posted , by Keith Curtis. Topic: Fundraising.

Speaking of questions that have come up following our presentations lately, someone recently inquired about pledge attrition after our webinar on effective capital campaigns. The question was: How can nonprofits best plan for unpaid pledges during a campaign? Because capital campaigns are built around multi-your pledges, a nonprofit can expect to experience some pledge attrition… Read more »

The Restricted Gift Dilemma

Posted , by Wesley Stanley, Marketing Director. Topic: Fundraising.

Wendy had an interesting question following a presentation last week that we felt was noteworthy. A participant inquired how best to handle a donor who offers to make a restricted gift that could be put to better use if directed toward a different area. This nonprofit leader described a situation in which a donor wanted… Read more »

More Nonprofits, Really?

Posted , by Wendy McGrady, Vice President. Topic: Fundraising, Philanthropy Research & Events.

A recent study found that 12 million baby boomers want to start their own nonprofit or socially oriented business over the next decade. While this sounds like a wonderful way to engage in social change by improving communities, it’s troublesome news to those of us in the nonprofit industry who observe constant duplication of services… Read more »

Strategic Fundraising Events

Posted , by Keith Curtis, President. Topic: Fundraising.

While in Chicago last week for a Giving Institute board meeting we heard an interesting presentation on fundraising events by Jeff Shuck, President and CEO of Event 360, the Giving Institute’s newest member. Event 360 is a leader in the world of nonprofit event development and production, orchestrating events for some of the country’s largest… Read more »

The Right Approach to Board Solicitation

Posted , by Keith Curtis, President. Topic: Boards of Directors, Fundraising.

Recently, we’ve had a lot of people ask about the best way to solicit leadership gifts from board members. As with any major gift solicitation (because that’s what you’re aiming for, right?), it’s always best to make an in-person ask. Having a board member solicit another board member in-person, is hands-down the most effective way… Read more »