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Challenging and complex year inspires record growth in giving: $471.44 billion contributed!   Today is the release of Giving USA 2021, the longest running and most comprehensive analysis of charitable giving in this country. Take 5 minutes to learn from Keith Curtis and Victoria Dietz as they give an overview of the results and how… Read more »

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How should you be using your time today, so you can raise more dollars tomorrow? In this webinar, Victoria Dietz will explain how fundraisers can manage their time, set realistic goals and focus on building meaningful relationships.     Meet Your Expert Victoria Dietz is responsible for a variety of clients’ planning studies, trainings and campaign management,… Read more »

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What the 2020 Fundraising Effectiveness Project Report Tells Us About 2021 and Beyond   We are honored to be sharing an article penned by our colleague, friend and nonprofit research guru, Steven Shattuck, chief engagement officer, Bloomerang. The Fundraising Effectiveness Project recently released their 2020 Fourth Quarter Report, which examined giving trends for the entire… Read more »

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Victoria Dietz was recently published in The Giving Institute Member Insights. We are re-publishing her article below:   Can you ask for a major gift via phone or over a video chat? Just over a year ago, this would not have been a strategy recommended by a seasoned fundraiser. However, the shutdown has rewritten the… Read more »

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Download Your Printable Version   By Wendy McGrady, Executive Vice President Have you been considering a development assessment or feasibility study for months or even years? Moving forward doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it might feel. As more and more nonprofits around the country are reaching out to us, we want to share some… Read more »

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Victoria Dietz and Hilary Fulp lead an engaging presentation about the ins and outs of making “the ask.”  Hear practical tips that will help conquer potential fears surrounding the ask, especially virtual asks, so you can confidently approach prospects and successfully close a gift. They will share key points such as: How do I make… Read more »

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By Marissa Monell, Client Manager Over the last year, I’ve had the privilege of working with several nonprofits that have risen to the top during these challenging times. Their missions might be varied, but each has found a way to address the challenging fundraising environment while remembering the importance of the tried and true fundraising process:… Read more »

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“Let’s Talk Fundraising” Video with Steve MacLaughlin, Senior Advisor at the Blackbaud Institute     Download the full report    In today’s edition of Let’s Talk Fundraising, Vice President Victoria Dietz chats with Steve MacLaughlin, Senior Advisor at the Blackbaud Institute about their recent release of the 2020 Charitable Giving Report. Watch to learn… Did overall giving increase or… Read more »

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The Latest COVID Relief Package Passed… Now What? By Hilary Fulp Consultant The sixth federal relief package (and third round of stimulus checks to  eligible individuals) since the onset of the pandemic was signed by the President earlier this month. The American Rescue Plan Act impacts all of us and covers a wide array of… Read more »